Monday, 18 August 2014

Wagon and Horses Fun Run and parkrun

This weekend started off with a fab Barrow parkrun once again. Another good WWC friend ran with William which allowed Andy to run by himself and attempt another PB. And it worked! He ran amazingly well and got a time of 26.26 which is about 2 and a half minutes faster than his previous time. Unfortunately he managed to pull a calf muscle in the process! 

William also managed a PB too, with a new time of 45.14! We'll need to work on cracking that 45 minute mark next! Here he is, pleased with himself after his fastest ever 5k.

On Sunday we headed to Lancaster to support our WWC friends who were running in the Wagon and Horses Half Marathon and whilst we were there thought we would enter the fun run which started shortly after the main event. Well, as it turned out, the weather forecast may have put some people off as we were the only ones who entered! The weather stayed fine whilst we took part and a Cheetah friend joined us as well. At the end we all received Lancaster race series long sleeved t-shirts as prizes. I think the boys may need a few more years to grow into theirs. William tried his on for a bit then took it off saying 'I'll save it for when I'm bigger'. 

It was lovely waving off everyone at the start of the run and seeing them all come back in. They all did brilliantly and should be proud of themselves. And we only experienced one heavy rain shower (although it was enough to soak us through!). I can only admire and support the half marathoners for the moment, the distance is too far for me just yet and I'm enjoying working on improving my 5k and 10k race times too much. 

After the last of our Wind Cheetah runners had come back in we hit the road again in search of Sweatshop in Chorley so I could choose my parkrunner of the month prize! And here they are, nice and bright aren't they?! 

Looking forward to (hopefully) getting some new PBs in them! Thank you once again Barrow parkrun!  

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