Sunday, 2 April 2017

Bubble Rush 5k - Blackpool

So yesterday we all took part in the Bubble Rush 5k run/walk at Blackpool. It was a charity run in aid of Brian House Children's Hospice. I booked this awhile ago in hopes that if anything may motivate Sam to begin running again it would be mountains of coloured foam! This run was 2 laps of a 2.5km course involving 4 colour stations. I'd spent time in the morning before we left showing him Bubble Rush videos on Facebook and I think he got the idea as he let me dress him in running gear!

When we arrived in Blackpool it was still raining and we managed to get there far too early. Great for parking close by but not great for Sam getting bored waiting and chilly and he did get quite upset for a bit.  We bought him a green visor which didn't leave his head for the entire rest of the day.

Sam calmed down as we headed to the start. He wanted to stay on Andy's back however so we figured we'd take it slowly and walk and see if we could tempt Sam down. The bubble cannon stationed there began to blow white, fluffy foam over the first lot of bubble runners and set them off and everyone moved up a bit at a time. We managed to get Sam down for a bit at the start but whilst he loves foam, we realised he was nervous about not being able to see where he was stepping and was probably a bit overwhelmed. William, on the other hand was straight through and loving it!

Watching the foam cannon at the start!
No worries about William's commitment!

Carried to the yellow station, we tried again but he wanted to stay on Andy. William, in his wisdom decided to get hold of as many bubbles as possible to tempt Sam down. He did manage to try out the blue station a little, but was quickly on my back again after that. William again gathered as many bubbles as possible to carry with him and Sam soon wanted to get down and have fun.

After that there was no more piggy backing for Sam. Although he mostly walked, we were really happy he finished it under his own steam. Once he realised it was fine to walk through he had a thoroughly marvellous time as did the rest of us!

Legging it to the yellow station the 2nd time round!

Our bubble medals were not there at the finish as the organisers had been let down by the supplier, but they are being posted on and we were given a lovely memento when we finished.

Now we know both boys enjoyed this run we're looking at booking one later in the year as well. If you like a no pressure, entertaining and messy fun run, have a look at the Bubble Rush website and get booked on!

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

A Year of Running (in one post!)

Wow, I can't believe it's already March 2017! It's been over a year since my last post. It's been a great year for running, although we've now slowed down in terms of how many runs we've registered for in 2017. It turns out we don't have to register for everything!

I didn't think we'd run much after the X Border run that Andy took part in last year but when I jotted them all down (and I'm sure I've missed a few) the list was quite lengthy! Here is a summary!

February 2016
Andy ran the Montane Trail 13 mile run at Grizedale Forest.

I ran the Rhyl 10 Mile run (and the boys ran the fun run). I did my first sub-30 5k during this although this is mainly due to the huge coastal wind at my back pushing me forward!

I also ran the Dalemain 10k (aka The Marmalade Run) trail run which was freezing but fantastic! The boys took part in the fun run.

March 2016
We all ran the Sport Relief 3 mile run at Barrow Park.

Andy was the cyclist for a relay team in the Ulverston Triathlon.

Andy ran the Jackal's Run (a tough 10k trail run in Darwen)

William reached his 100th parkun!

April 2016
We all took part in the Port Sunlight runs again, with Andy running the 10k, I ran the 5k and the boys ran the fun run. I got my first official race sub-30 5k!

Andy ran the Wray Scarecrow 10k.

Sam reached his 100th parkrun!

May 2016
I ran the Sherriff 10k at Scorton and the boys took part in the fun run in the pouring rain.

Andy ran the Liverpool Rock n Roll Half Marathon again!

June 2016
We all took part in the Grasmere Gallop 5.7k Fun Run and had a fab picnic afterwards with the Walney Wind Cheetahs!

Andy ran the Bendrigg 10k and the boys did the fun run (and afterwards had lots of fun trying out the activities at the Bendrigg Trust!

Oh, and Andy raced a steam train from Bury to Rawtenstall. Myself and the boys were on the train and managed to spot him on the trail!

July 2016
I took part in my first (and currently only) obstacle course, the Holme Howler. The boys had a great time tackling the mini-Howler!

August 2016
Andy took part in the Birchwood 10k and William took part in the fun run.

I ran the Blackpool Illuminations 10k.

Andy ran a Fast Four Miler at Great Eccleston and also the Ulverston Summer 10k.

September 2016
I ran the Ulverston Charter 5k and the boys took part in the 1 mile fun run.

We headed to Warrington for a weekend. Andy ran the English Half Marathon then we all took part in the 1 mile fun run.

October 2016
Andy ran Beat the Reaper for the 3rd consecutive year and William took part in the fun run dressed as a vampire!

I took part in the West Coast Half Marathon, from Preston to Lytham. The medal was HUGE!

November 2016
Nothing!! <shock face>

December 2016
I ran the Ulverston Pudding Run with a friend and William ran the fun run.

Andy ran the Grizedale Night Run for the 3rd time and William took part in the fun run.

And now for 2017...
We've only taken part in a couple of events so far in 2017. I ran Mad Dog 007, a fantastic 10k run in Southport with a hugely fabulous goody bag, medal and tech t-shirt. Music on the course and a great atmosphere! William tried out the Crazy Pups fun run. And Andy tried out the Dalemain 10k trail run.

All quiet for the time being but a few things coming up include our first Bubble Rush 5k run in Blackpool, The Coniston to Barrow Walk for myself and William, and a 10 mile road race around Knowsley Safari Park for Andy!

Sam has given up on running for the time being but has been a fabulous marshal at parkrun (he's even hit the 25 milestone for volunteering!). We're hoping he gets back into it, but not to worry if he doesn't, he has a wonderful time watching all the runners with a big grin on his face. Our 'running' time is family time whether running or cheering, the fact we are out together is what matters!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

That One Time Andy Ran to Scotland

Well, that's it really. I was just out on a training run when I remembered I hadn't written about that one time Andy ran to Scotland.

Ok, it wasn't quite as long as it sounds. It was a run from Carlisle to Gretna for the X Border 10k on the 31st of January. (Throw in a nice medal and he'll run anything!) This run was the reverse route of a run which usually takes place in the Summer, but I think it sounds much more exciting running into Scotland than into England.

It was a bit of a windy, wet and very cold morning when we got up extra early to drive up to Carlisle. We drove up in convoy with 2 lovely Wind Cheetah ladies, K and S. Realising we were making very good time and would be too early for registration we pulled over at Tebay services for a coffee break. We arrived at Carlisle refreshed (somewhat) and Andy and the ladies went to register. The idea was that I would drive the boys up to Gretna and see them arrive at the finish line.

So we said good luck and legged it up to Gretna. I could see the route along a road parallel to the motorway and spotted the 7k sign at one point. I gave William my phone so he could be ready to take a photo of the 'Welcome to Scotland' sign. Well, he didn't get a photo of it, but my phone was full of photos like this when I got it back, hmmmm.

We eventually found the Greens of Gretna Hotel where the finish line was. I was using directions Andy had gotten from an internet route finder so of course we ended up lost (but only slightly and for a short while). To be fair, I had a 6 year old navigator using directions that took us around the back of the hotel. Once I figured that out, we went back out the way we came and discovered that we had passed the hotel as soon as we came off the motorway. We parked up directly overlooking the finish line.

I got Sam out for a stretch of the legs in the rain and wind and William preferred to stay inside with his book. Sam started enjoying things much more when the runners began to trickle in, he even clapped the first half dozen or so!

I spied Andy and the ladies heading up the road and into the finish, across the line in 56.28.

Once group hugs, photos, and examining of medals were done we headed back to Carlisle to drop the ladies with their car before heading back home.

The Bling