Saturday, 28 February 2015

2015 Challenge - February Update

Well, it's the last day of February today so time for another update for our 2015 miles in 2015 challenge! We did our virtual run, night run, parkruns and Wind Cheetah runs in February totalling 102 miles for the month. We now have 1818 miles to go!

Coming up in March we've got a few organised runs to do. I'm running the Jacobs Leg It 10k in Ormskirk which benefits the National Autistic Society. There is a 1.5k kids fun run on the day too, so the boys can also have a run. And tomorrow we have the Port Sunlight 10k/5k/1k fun run to take part in so will be an early start for us!

Due to Sam not wanting to run a few weeks ago, we didn't make it to his and Andy's 50th parkrun in February, but hopefully if he's in the right mood for a run next Saturday we'll be celebrating then instead! That's the beauty of parkrun - there's always next week! He did however manage his 49th run today in 49.06. He hasn't gone sub-50 since last September so he was definitely on a roll this morning!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

5k Virtual 'Run with Jo' for the Epilepsy Society

Last month we signed up for our first 5k virtual run. It's a charity run for the Epilepsy Society and was to be done in the month of February as St Valentine is the patron saint of Epilepsy. We have a number of friends who have children with epilepsy so the cause has meaning for us as well.

We decided to do the run on our usual Sunday morning run with the Walney Wind Cheetahs. It was a cold morning, but there was no wind to speak of so it felt a little warmer than it was. It was however very foggy, although that was a bonus for the boys as they liked the idea of running through the mist! 

I guess the foggy, cold weather may have put off the other cubs that morning as our two were the only children who came along meaning it was a very exlusive run! We set off along the path from the Abbey Mill cafe. Sam did his usual stop/start routine but William ran really well, and looped back for us all when he reached each set of gates. We got to the end of the path and stopped briefly for a photo, before heading back via a journey round the 'secret path' (the off road path that runs parallel to the paved path). 

We got back to the cafe having done 5.1km each, completing our task! Then it was time for teacakes and hot drinks of course. 

We returned the following week and our medals had arrived! We received them at the end of the run that morning in lovely sunshine and with the others who had taken part in the virtual run that day. Sam loved his medal and was very happy to show it off! 

There's still a bit of time left in February, so if you'd like to take part in Jo's run you can register by going to her website here

Monday, 9 February 2015

Petzl Night Runner - Grizedale 10k and 1k Kids Trail Run

Saturday was a bit of a busy day for running. We went to parkrun in the morning. It was a beautiful morning for it, sunny and the wind had completely dropped so it felt warmer than the 1 degree it actually was! Sam ended up not wanting to join in so he and Andy watched whilst William and I ran the course. Then we all went along to the cafe afterwards for hot chocolate, cake and in the boys' case, ice cream (as you do in February!).

We had a break then for the afternoon and headed out again at 4pm to Grizedale Forest for a night trail run, organised by Epic Events. The sun was just beginning to get low as we arrived and it was feeling very cold. We registered the boys for the free 1k trail fun run and Andy got his running number. He must have been eager to sign up for this one as he got number 1! The boys were given special glow necklaces to wear on the run. We'd already dressed them in hi-vis jackets so we could keep an eye on them round the play area which worked a treat!

The next hour was spent watching the kids play, sorting out head torches and pinning numbers/putting timing anklets on.

We were then called over to the start line with the boys as the fun run was half an hour ahead of the main run, meaning parents could join in with their kids which was great. We were treated to a warm up song with dance moves provided by Mr Fox who then made a hasty retreat when the kids were set off running after him!

Keeping an eye out for Mr Fox at the finish!

William loved the dancing and set off at a great pace, hoping to catch that fox! He set off so fast in fact that I was struggling to keep up with him and ended up with my foot in a huge puddle! Sam giggled his way around the course, and got 2 big hugs off Mr Fox so he was a happy boy.  Both boys received a fab medal with Trail Kidz Finisher engraved on it. William is very proud and has been showing it off ever since.

Just after the children finished their run, the 10k runners were called to the start line.

Head torches were lit and they were soon off. Andy described it as tough going, quite hilly in the first half but he thoroughly enjoyed it. He sprinted through the finish with our friend who he'd run with. His finish time was 1.09.21 and he came in 214th out of a field of 263. He has a new medal and a new tech t-shirt to add to his collection!


Definitely a run to remember! I'm so glad we took part. Both the 10k and children's race were well organised and a brilliant experience.