Tuesday, 17 February 2015

5k Virtual 'Run with Jo' for the Epilepsy Society

Last month we signed up for our first 5k virtual run. It's a charity run for the Epilepsy Society and was to be done in the month of February as St Valentine is the patron saint of Epilepsy. We have a number of friends who have children with epilepsy so the cause has meaning for us as well.

We decided to do the run on our usual Sunday morning run with the Walney Wind Cheetahs. It was a cold morning, but there was no wind to speak of so it felt a little warmer than it was. It was however very foggy, although that was a bonus for the boys as they liked the idea of running through the mist! 

I guess the foggy, cold weather may have put off the other cubs that morning as our two were the only children who came along meaning it was a very exlusive run! We set off along the path from the Abbey Mill cafe. Sam did his usual stop/start routine but William ran really well, and looped back for us all when he reached each set of gates. We got to the end of the path and stopped briefly for a photo, before heading back via a journey round the 'secret path' (the off road path that runs parallel to the paved path). 

We got back to the cafe having done 5.1km each, completing our task! Then it was time for teacakes and hot drinks of course. 

We returned the following week and our medals had arrived! We received them at the end of the run that morning in lovely sunshine and with the others who had taken part in the virtual run that day. Sam loved his medal and was very happy to show it off! 

There's still a bit of time left in February, so if you'd like to take part in Jo's run you can register by going to her website here

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