Sunday, 2 April 2017

Bubble Rush 5k - Blackpool

So yesterday we all took part in the Bubble Rush 5k run/walk at Blackpool. It was a charity run in aid of Brian House Children's Hospice. I booked this awhile ago in hopes that if anything may motivate Sam to begin running again it would be mountains of coloured foam! This run was 2 laps of a 2.5km course involving 4 colour stations. I'd spent time in the morning before we left showing him Bubble Rush videos on Facebook and I think he got the idea as he let me dress him in running gear!

When we arrived in Blackpool it was still raining and we managed to get there far too early. Great for parking close by but not great for Sam getting bored waiting and chilly and he did get quite upset for a bit.  We bought him a green visor which didn't leave his head for the entire rest of the day.

Sam calmed down as we headed to the start. He wanted to stay on Andy's back however so we figured we'd take it slowly and walk and see if we could tempt Sam down. The bubble cannon stationed there began to blow white, fluffy foam over the first lot of bubble runners and set them off and everyone moved up a bit at a time. We managed to get Sam down for a bit at the start but whilst he loves foam, we realised he was nervous about not being able to see where he was stepping and was probably a bit overwhelmed. William, on the other hand was straight through and loving it!

Watching the foam cannon at the start!
No worries about William's commitment!

Carried to the yellow station, we tried again but he wanted to stay on Andy. William, in his wisdom decided to get hold of as many bubbles as possible to tempt Sam down. He did manage to try out the blue station a little, but was quickly on my back again after that. William again gathered as many bubbles as possible to carry with him and Sam soon wanted to get down and have fun.

After that there was no more piggy backing for Sam. Although he mostly walked, we were really happy he finished it under his own steam. Once he realised it was fine to walk through he had a thoroughly marvellous time as did the rest of us!

Legging it to the yellow station the 2nd time round!

Our bubble medals were not there at the finish as the organisers had been let down by the supplier, but they are being posted on and we were given a lovely memento when we finished.

Now we know both boys enjoyed this run we're looking at booking one later in the year as well. If you like a no pressure, entertaining and messy fun run, have a look at the Bubble Rush website and get booked on!


  1. So proud of Sam. He challenged himself and it ended in lots of fun from the pictures!! You two are wonderful passionate and inspiring parents. You help make sams world fun and safe. Big love xx steph and the Roberts'

    1. Aw Steph, thank you. Your comment made me tear up! Love to you all. x