Monday, 24 March 2014

How The Running Bug Bit Me

I had never thought properly about running until the family took part in the first Max Inspiration Disability Fun Run held in Barrow Park in November 2012. It wasn't a long run, and we were dressed appropriately for the torrential weather but definitely not for running! There was a terrific community atmosphere however though, and the marshals from the Walney Wind Cheetah running group were wonderful with the kids.

Us, in our pre high-vis days! 

When the event was repeated the following February I signed us up again straight away. Not only was it actually really enjoyable the first time, I think it's really important to support events that are put on for our children. Again, we had the wet weather but it didn't bother us one jot! Had trouble keeping up with the kids a bit though!

The day after that run I was enticed in a moment of madness to join the Walney Wind Cheetahs with a good friend and did my first training run with them on a very cold, very dark evening. I joined the 2 and 2 group (2 minutes running, 2 minutes walking) and could barely make it a minute and a half before having to walk instead! I was shocked though, it turned out I actually liked running! Or at least I definitely liked running with a group. Everyone was so encouraging and kept you going. In March I tried parkrun as well as keeping up with various other training runs. I managed to run more and walk less as time went on. I didn't get any faster, but my stamina grew such that in December 2013 I managed my first 10km run, the Ulverston Pudding Run with particular support from a lovely Cheetah friend and encouragement from everyone.

I haven't looked back since! As well as having lost 1 stone in weight, I am currently signed up for more 5km and 10km runs as well as being a self confessed parkrun addict! (more on parkrun in a future post)
If you would like to be as crazy as me and give running a try, why not go along to the Walney Wind Cheetahs' beginners programme?

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