Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sport Relief 2014

What a great day to start a blog about being active as a family! We (that is myself, Laura, husband Andy and our boys, Sam and William) have just had an incredible afternoon at Barrow Park, taking part in the Sport Relief 3 Mile Run. The weather was lovely and sunny, a proper Spring day. The boys were excited, especially my youngest, William, who is 4. The prospect of gaining a new medal for this run was very exciting for him!

We started off at the back, as we usually do on a run. (We are not the fastest but we get there in the end!) We had incredible support from the back markers as well as all the marshals we passed who were cheering the boys on. The sweets offered at the top of the biggest hill in the park were a great motivator for getting the boys up it! With jelly babies clutched in both hands, the boys flew round much faster than we were expecting. William was amazed to see a teletubby running as well at Batman and Robin on bicycles!

Photo taken by the lovely marshals at the top of the hill! 

William and I finished together and received our Sport Relief medals from the Mayor and Mayoress of Barrow. A few minutes later, Andy ran in with Sam. I think we all came into the finish in under 45 minutes, a time we were very pleased with! And of course, it was a charity run for Sport Relief and as a family we managed to raise £98 in sponsorship which was much higher than our £50 target!

Sam sporting his new medal whilst polishing off his jelly babies at the finish!
We'd gladly take part in this run again, the community atmosphere was brilliant. I'm still on a high several hours later! Thanks to all who organised, marshalled, sponsored and took part. You are all amazing!

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