Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hospice at Home West Cumbria Colour Run!

What a weekend of running.... again!

First of all we had a brilliant parkrun on Saturday. I was able to run by myself thanks to a lovely friend who volunteered to run with William for me. I managed a new PB of 33.55! The best part was Sam getting a new PB too of 47.42 which smashed his previous time of 50 minutes. Seriously proud of that boy.

Today we got up early and headed for Muncaster Castle for the very first Hospice at Home West Cumbria Colour Run. The weather on the drive up was dreadful and wasn't much better when we arrived. We got registered as soon as the doors of the visitor centre opened at 9am and then headed outside where the heavens opened up again with plenty of rain showers. Managed to get a few photos taken of us still looking very clean!

We weren't put off though and as everyone was experimenting with their free paint packs the boys suddenly got very colourful! Sam really loved watching the paint dust rise up and getting covered from head to toe in colour. After using up our own packs he actually went in search of other people's! Luckily the crowd were very obliging and helped chuck paint on him. William thought throwing it on other people was the funniest thing ever.

After a short warm up session we set off. The course was a brilliant 5km trail run with different scenery round every corner. The heavy rain had the effect of creating lots of mud on the trail and for some large puddles I had to lift William over the worst parts. Sam was in his element though and sloshed through the lot!

We had more colour thrown at us at set places round the course, William's favourite part! And as we came into the finishing funnel, colour from both sides was thrown at us creating a huge cloud of colour dust! The boys had a few minutes throwing some more paint about and on other finishers here before we headed off to the lawn where all the after run activities were being held.

It would have been great to stay longer but Sam getting a little agitated and another rain shower were our cues to finish. I hope everyone else had a fab afternoon though.

Next year's Colour Run has been set for the 2nd August.  Brilliant atmosphere, fab cause and a great course, would definitely recommend this run!

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