Friday, 29 August 2014

Summer of Fun

Alongside our regular cubs sessions and parkrun on a Saturday we've also taken part in a Thursday morning run from the amphitheatre next to Furness Abbey. Normally an unofficial social run for the adults in term time it was decided to invite cubs and their parents along for a run/jog/walk along a scenic, traffic free path for the 6 weeks of the school holidays. This probably ranks as our favourite activity of this summer holiday.


We start the run from the Abbey Mill Coffee Shop car park and head toward Flass Lane on the footpath, following the route through Parkhouse Farm, parallel to Mill Beck. Toward the end of the path we've been taking a turn off the main path onto an unmarked trail through the scrub land to the side of the path, covered in brambles (blackberries!) and interesting things to see! The kids lovingly refer to this as 'the secret path'. By the time we've finished along this section the adult group of runners (who took a different longer route along roads) have met up with us and we all head back toward Abbey Mill on the same path.

Following 'the secret path'! 

It's been so relaxing, the kids have done some great running whilst having fun making new friends, mooing at cows in the field to get them to stand up, caterpillar and ladybird spotting and blackberry picking.

Luckily, the weather for the most part has been brilliant and meant we've all been able to have a treat from the cafe outside, picnic style! The iced coffees, milkshakes, ice cream, tea cakes and cakes have all been flowing this holiday! Abbey Mill have been wonderful hosts and have put out jugs of squash and water for the children too so we've felt most welcome. William's favourites have been the unicorn banana milkshake and the thunder and lightning ice cream and Sam has been very happy with a slice of cake! When not eating his cake Sam can be found lingering in the cafe doorway seeing what treats are being brought out for everyone else!


Charlie Cheetah, the Walney Wind Cheetah mascot has even come for a visit or two and the kids love him! Sam especially has a fascination with him and followed him around everywhere on his first visit.

These runs have it all... fun, friendship, food.... and running! We've had a super time and can't wait for the next school holiday!

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