Sunday, 7 September 2014

Tour de Furness and Other Milestones

It was a beautiful day today and Andy crept out of the house at a very early 6.45am to get to the start of the Tour de Furness, a 50 mile annual local cycle ride (although there were shorter alternatives). He arrived at the start for 7am and met up with a friend who was also taking part and offered to cycle the course with him.

At the start, looking a bit grumpy. Cheer up Andy, you're about to cycle 50 miles, yay! 

Andy took part in this ride last year too and it took him 4.5 hours to get round it back then. It begins at Roose Conservative Club in Barrow and takes in the coast road round to Ulverston, A590 to Greenodd, then a loop all the way round Coniston Water before heading back to Barrow. It would probably be described as undulating to say the least!

At the halfway point. 

They both did fantastically well, finishing in 3.16.35, so Andy knocked an amazing amount of time off from last year's attempt. All the training he has been putting in cycling partway to work and back definitely paid off! Huge thank you to his friend Tom who provided tips and support the whole way round too.

Back home showing off his new mug!

As the Tour de Furness is a charity fundraiser, Andy cycled in aid of the Furness Branch of the National Autistic Society who have been a brilliant support to our family and this year he's raised just under £150 so is very pleased.


In other news, we've hit another couple of weight loss milestones this week. Both Andy and I got on the scales yesterday and found we'd both lost a few more pounds each. Since Andy started running and cycling he's lost one and a half stone and gone from 14 stone down to 12st 7lbs.  I weigh in now at just under 10 stone and I started off at 12 stone before starting running in 2013. Considering very little has changed to our diet it's a terrific result. We definitely feel fitter than before (although we desperately need to do some clothes shopping)!

I watched the Great North Run on the television today, knowing many of my running friends were there taking part. They all did brilliantly and I'm so proud of them (even spotted a few on the telly!). I have found myself quite envious once again of those able to run longer distances. Trying not to be immediately swept up in the post-half marathon frenzy, I have decided to try and lose another stone in weight and get my 10k personal best time to closer to the one hour mark before considering signing up for something longer. I will get there eventually, it just might take me awhile! Andy on the other hand wants to choose a half marathon to do in 2015 and has signed himself up to take part in the Ulverston Triathlon next year too!

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  1. Fantastic,small step at a time and you'll reach your goals!