Sunday, 21 September 2014

Lancaster Castle 10k and Fun Run

It was another very early start for us this morning. At 7am we left for Lancaster so Andy could take part in the Lancaster Castle 10k. We thought this would be a fab location to do a run as the finish was in the castle grounds. Luckily there was a fun run for the kids to do as well.

After worrying a bit about diversions and road closures in Lancaster we sailed round the one way system and thought we'd take a cheeky drive up round the castle to see if there was any space to park nearby. We were gobsmacked to find a space directly outside the castle! Of course we were very early at this point but we went and registered myself and the boys for the fun run and Andy collected his race number as he had booked his place online. Race registration was in the old prison itself which was an interesting location to say the least!

We had a peek in the cafe/shop and the boys played around with their balloons from the Galloway's stand for awhile. We met up with two more Wind Cheetahs who were taking part as well. We got our running numbers on and soon enough it was time to head for the start. We all headed out of the castle and downhill, over the train station and down onto a playing field. We said our goodbyes to the 10k runners (and half marathon runners as that event was taking place too).

The Mayor of Lancaster set us fun runners off with a bull horn and we were off. Once round the field and then back out and up the hill to the castle. I kept hold of Sam's hand the whole way round and he did really well to keep going. William only stopped briefly for a drink of his water then carried on running. By the time I got back into the castle with Sam, William was already posing for photos with his t-shirt prize!

Fab pic of William taken by Sprint Finish Photography

Me and Sam! Photo by Sprint Finish Photography

We nipped to the car briefly to pick up our snack bag and Andy's jacket for when he finished then headed back to the castle to wait for the Cheetahs to return. Andy came in just as William spotted him and dashed over for a high five.

What a great atmosphere there was in the castle grounds and Sam loved watching everyone run in! Everyone was agreeing that it was an excellent finish location (apart from the little matter of the hill leading up to it!). Andy was the 50th to finish in a field of 121 and got a new 10k PB of 54.16 (and a new medal for the collection)! It turned out to be an all round excellent morning and definitely worth the early start!

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