Thursday, 11 September 2014

Ulverston Charter 5k and Fun Run

Well, it was another evening spent at Glaxo Sports Club in Ulverston last night. It was Andy's turn to run and he took part in the Ulverston Charter 5k, hosted by the Hoad Hill Harriers. There was a one mile fun run once again for the boys to take part in.  It was great to see so many Wind Cheetahs there and loads of the cubs joined in with either race dependent upon age. Under 8's had to run with an adult so I ran with Sam and a WWC friend ran with William which was a huge help.

Once again the boys were glued to the playground outside the club house until it was time for us to find the starting line. After a quick safety chat about the route we all set off when the whistle blew. William eventually got going after faffing about with his socks  and Sam did his usual sprint/walk routine! The route had changed since we were there a month ago and this time it included roads so I made sure I was right alongside Sam and took his hand if a car came along. The route took us right past the starting line for the 5k runners and all the kids got a huge cheer as we went past them which was fantastic!

William got to the finish in 13.03 and Sam came through in 14.20. They both got medals which were different to the last fun run they did here so that was great and another one to put on their medal hangers! We then cheered the 5k runners who came in.

Andy did brilliantly, knocking exactly one minute off his PB, finishing in 25.26 and he got a HHH medal too.

Our favourite cheetah, Charlie, was there to motivate our WWC runners and the boys were excited to see him as usual!

We're looking forward to Sunday now where I'm running the Hawkshead Esthwaite 10k and the boys will be doing the fun run. Looks like another picnic is on the cards too!

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