Monday, 1 June 2015

Pearl Izumi Fun Run

Last Friday we were given a brilliant opportunity. The Pearl Izumi Cycling Tour event came to Barrow for the second year. It was a huge success last year, with the roads around the town centre blocked off and lots of spectators. This year, due to a gap in the afternoon's proceedings our run leaders worked their magic to fill that gap with a children's running event, to showcase our local running groups and also a disability run as well. We were very excited for the boys to take part, running as WWC Cubs in the primary age event. They were even given fabulous new WWC running shirts with 'Cubs' on!

We decided to bus it into town for the event due to road closures and possible parking panic, but the boys love taking the bus so it added to the excitement. We got dropped off just outside the course and went to wait for the group. The sun was out but there was a brisk wind about so it wasn't the warmest but everyone was in a fab mood and the children were very excited. After a lot of pics were taken it was time to watch the disability cycling set off, then the secondary school and disability runners. Those at secondary had to run two laps and the primary schoolers had to run one lap of the 1.2km course.

Once they had finished it was time for the primary school children to run. I lined up with Sam at the back whilst William chose to be on the front starting line! Sam held my hand for all of a few seconds before letting go and that was it then, he just kept on running. He wasn't the fastest but he was definitely taking the atmosphere (and the changes to the town centre) in. William stayed well ahead and didn't stop either.

On the approach to the finish I could hear the commentator welcoming William into the finish and Sam and I weren't far off ourselves! When we did reach the end, the commentator welcomed Sam as well and offered a high five, which Sam gladly gave him. Judging from his expression below I think he was a little amazed at the clock on the arch!

All in all, a very good afternoon. Really proud of both the boys and quite excited to have been able to run the course myself! And what a fabulous opportunity to give our community's young runners, an experience they won't forget!

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