Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Grasmere Gallop 2015

Should have blogged this one last week but haven't had a chance! 

This was our second time at the Grasmere Gallop, we ran the 5.7k fun run last year and got thoroughly soaked. But we still enjoyed the run, and having decided the weather couldn't be any worse for this year, we booked camping at Ambleside again and the fun run. Well, the rain held off this time, but someone turned up the wind. It was very hard to believe it was June, just look at that sky!

A very large contingent of Walney Wind Cheetahs attended this time. We had runners in the fun run, 10k run and the 17k run. Just before 11am we all met up at the muster point and were piped to the start line in the village. I was running with William and Andy was running with Sam. We all set off together, headed for Red Bank. William did a brilliant job of getting up the hill and I was pleasantly suprised to find that the wind had died down quite a bit on the route. 

When we were partway up Red Bank, we dropped off on a trail down to the lake shore and had a quick drink at the water station. Then we carried on along the path till we reached the road again then it was pretty much all downhill from there. 

William was flying down and unfortunately had a fall, grazing his knee and hurting his elbow and hands. After a few minutes of crying and limping, he managed to regain his running feet and carried on down the hill, through part of the village and onto a path which led to the finishing field where he managed a sprint finish just ahead of me. 

As last year, we got a nice chunky medal and a traybake! William finished in 48 minutes which was 7 minutes off his time from last year, even with his fall. 

We headed back out to the finish and waited for the others to come in. Sam and Andy came back in about 59 minutes, which was slower than last year, but sometimes that's the way it goes with Sam! 

Unfortunately it was too windy and cold to enjoy the group picnic we'd had planned so we headed back to our campsite and spent a bit of time by Lake Windemere. 

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