Monday, 18 May 2015

2015 Challenge Update and Other Good Stuff

Well, I missed the chance to write up about how our challenge was going at the end of April, thanks to the Dalton and Liverpool 10k races! Thought I would take the opportunity to update now and post about other fab things that have happened recently.

As of this post, we have run a total of 607 miles this year between us, leaving 1408 miles left to run! So far for the month of May, Sam is beating the rest of us in terms of mileage, probably helped by the fact that he has been going to his school running club on a Friday afternoon! He's running 4-5 kilometres up to 5 times a week and loving it.

Sam was also picked again to run for the school's cross country team in a competition that took place last week. It was a relay this time so I was even more nervous than before as he'd need to hold and pass over a baton as well as try and run the whole thing. I needn't have worried after all, he did fantastically. Kept hold of that baton and kept running, even when he wasn't holding my hand.

William followed us round the course as well to cheer him on. I heard this little voice about 3/4 of the way round shouting 'I'm still behind you mummy'! I think he is already planning on taking part in cross country when he reaches Sam's year.

We are still taking part in the Walney Wind Cheetah cubs sessions on a Monday and Wednesday evening. The boys are loving the running and the games. Sam has been taking part in the games as well more this year and is even starting to do one of the stretches after the run....progress!

And of course we love parkrun on Saturdays. William got a fantastic PB of 37.14 last Saturday. He worked really hard for that and showed a lot of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude!) which we were really proud of. He's only 5 minutes off my own PB now so I had better get faster, and quickly!

Our final organised race of the month will be the Crazy Cow 10k at Preston where Andy is running the 10k and there is a fun run for the boys to take part in as well. I'm very jealous he'll be rewarded with a cowbell!
Loads of good runs coming up in June as well, in fact every weekend in June is taken up with a race! The Grasmere Gallop, Liverpool Rock and Roll Half Marathon, SSAFA Holker 10k and the Walney Fun Run. Hopefully they will all get us nearer to completing our challenge!


  1. I love your challenge! It's such an inspiring to enjoy exercise as a family. I'm looking forwards to my two being a little older and being able to join in with things like this. Congrats to you all on all of your achievements.

    1. Thank you! The nicest part is definitely that we're ALL having fun...with exercise! :)