Monday, 4 May 2015

Dalton 10k and Fun Run 2015

We've had a brilliant weekend of running, so I'll start with the first one on Friday evening, the Dalton Charter 10k and fun run. I took part in this last year and seeing as I had a run on the Sunday afterwards it was only fair that Andy had a turn! So the idea was that Andy would do the 10k and I would run with the boys.

We got to Dalton Cricket Club in record time (handy living just round the corner!) and got the boys registered for the fun run and picked Andy's number up. The weather was a bit of a mix, no rain, but the sun was trying to work out whether to come out or not. It was a bit chillier than last year as well I thought.

Andy got into the start line and they all set off. The route takes you around the cricket field and through Dalton, up Mill Brow and then round the undulating lanes until you get back to the cricket club from the opposite end of Dalton than you run out of.

Once the 10k runners had left the field, the children were called over to the start line. I had hold of Sam's hand and was meant to have William's as well but he suddenly decided to get very stubborn and not listen as five-year-olds do. I was hoping to have caught up with him by the time we left the field and onto the road but he just stayed that little bit too far ahead. Luckily there was a fantastic marshall who stayed with him and couple of the other little boys who were running on their own. I managed to keep him in my sights until he turned at Tudor Square (where a contingent of Hoad Hill Harriers were cheering, thank you!) to go back to the cricket field.

Sam was fantastic holding my hand until we reached the cricket field and I let him go. He continued to run until the finish, where we found William was already getting stuck into his goody bag and attempting to put on his t-shirt reward. I had my garmin on during the run and later discovered Sam had run that first kilometre in 6.37! Goodness knows what William ran it in then!

We waited on the field then for Andy to come running back in. William found some children to play with and Sam set himself up by the finishing funnel, very happy watching the runners sprinting in.
Andy came in at a brilliant 54.35 which was about 20 seconds off his 10k PB and considering his 10k PB was done on the flat I think that's fantastic to be so close to it.

After the last runner came back in, we headed back home to get the boys to bed as it was getting late for them (and we had parkrun in the morning of course!). Another Dalton 10k done and dusted!

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