Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Kendal Colour Dash

The day after the St George's 10k at Great Langdale we hit the road again. This time it was to Kendal for the first St John's Hospice Kendal Colour Dash, a 4k out and back route from Kirkbie Kendal School including a trip up and round Kendal Castle. Having done a colour run last year we knew the boys would have a great time at this, Sam especially.

We arrived in Kendal and parked up at the leisure centre next door in time for registration opening. Andy bought some bags of powdered paint and a coloured visor for each of the boys.

The 'before' pic!
We also spotted some of our running friends and Walney Wind Cheetahs. The wind was making us not want to take our hoodies off but we eventually shed them and Andy dashed to the car to put them away and we headed to the starting area. I lost track of William for a few seconds before spotting him on the playing field dancing to Taylor Swift's 'Shake it Off' which was being played by the DJ.

The crowd of colour dashers gathered for a warm up and then we noticed from part way across the group a cloud of colour rising up and the next thing the colour was everywhere! We opened up our bags and let the boys go for it!

Both were absolutely covered as the air horn sounded to start us off. I ran with William (or at least tried to keep up with him) for a turn around the playing field before being covered in pink at the first colour station. We then headed out of the school grounds and onto a path towards the castle. We'd lost track of Andy and Sam by this point!

The next colour station was blue and the cloud was so thick we couldn't see at all until we were out the other side! I believe Andy had a little trouble coaxing Sam to leave the blue area as he kept wanting to go back in! Then we climbed up the hill towards the castle and William was amazed with the view. 'You can see all of Kendal up here!'

Heading back down the hill we hit the orange station, then the red one shortly before turning back into the school. And there waiting for us was a medal!

What a fantastic surprise. We stayed close to the finish so I could get a photo of Sam and Andy coming in. Well, that is, I waited and William found a pile of pink powdered paint to be busy with.


We left Kendal thoroughly messy but had a ball taking part and for a good cause too.

The 'after' pic! 

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