Friday, 4 September 2015

Summer 2015

Well, we've nearly made it through the summer holidays and in one piece too! We've done some good running over the last few months. Andy took part in the Windmill Half Marathon in Lytham. He's pretty good at running that distance now, and the medal was a whopper!

He also took part in Total Warrior in the Lake District. He had a thoroughly enjoyable time, although he did come back with bruised ribs!

I ran my furthest distance to date at the Prudent Riverside 10 Mile run at Lancaster. I had to have a sit down straight afterwards but I was so pleased and proud of myself. Plus it was great practice for the Wirral Half Marathon which I have in just over a week!

We also slipped in another 10k race and fun run at the Ulverston Summer 10k. The boys did really well, William managed to smash his PB for the course, finishing in 10.24! He was also extremely excited to discover that the children were receiving the same medal as the adults were getting and he loved it. I did the 10k run and finished in 1.04.03 which is a full 4 minutes faster than my previous time from last year's run. I was really pleased with that, especially as it was a VERY warm evening and I'd already run a mile with William!

We took a break from our usual running over the August bank holiday weekend and went away to the Calvert Trust in Keswick. They specialise in outdoor activity breaks for people with disabilities. This particular break was specially funded for families with a veteran or serving member of the armed forces and a family member with a disability. So that would be Andy, who spent many years in the army, and Sam who has autism.

We headed up to Keswick on the Friday and arrived a little early and had a good look around the centre before checking in. They have great facilities there, a games room, sports hall, sensory room and a fantastic swimming/hydrotherapy pool. We had a dip in the pool on the Friday night after dinner and the boys loved it. We were paired up into a group with another family who had 3 boys which was ideal.

The following morning, we were driven to the bottom of Lattrigg and as promised the day before we got to 'climb a mountain'! At least that's what it felt like to us all when we got to the top. The views were spectacular of Keswick and Derwent Water as well as all the surrounding fells including Skiddaw. All William's running up and down the amphitheatre on a Thursday morning with the WWC cubs paid off as he shot up ahead of us!


After lunch we headed out for some horse riding and archery (not done at the same time, I should add!). William loved trying out the bow and arrow and Sam found pressing the trigger on the mounted crossbow hilarious once he worked out what the contraption did and what the targets were for!

On the Sunday we spent the morning at Mirehouse, a local house and gardens where there was a steeplechase course set into the woods. William flew around this one several times so I think it was a hit. He's asked to go back some day! Sam wasn't as keen on the steeplechase, although he did enjoy the big tyre swing at the little park there too. We headed back to the centre and did a little orienteering in the grounds before lunch.

In the afternoon we went canoeing on Bassenthwaite Lake which was probably my favourite activity. Sam enjoyed dipping his hands in the water as we paddled along and William loved the team games we competed in with the other family. He even made friends with the canoe instuctor's dog who came with us.

After another evening spent in the swimming pool we were worn out and ready for coming home the following morning. I would recommend any family with a child or adult with a disability to try out the Calvert Trust for an outdoor activity holiday, they were excellent.

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