Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Windmill 10k

On Remembrance Sunday we ventured out to Lytham St. Annes so that I could run the Windmill 10k, organised by Fylde Coast Running. We arrived in Lytham at about 9.30am and headed towards the iconic Windmill landmark where race HQ was set up. After picking up my running number there was plenty of time for some pics with the Windmill and to spot the other Wind Cheetahs who were also turning up to take part. It was a lovely sunny morning, although very cold! I kept my jogging bottoms on over my shorts and my hoody on till it was time to head over to the start.

We were all called to the starting funnel at about 10.45am where we listened to the reading of a poem, 'Why do I wear a Poppy?', followed by the customary 2 minutes silence at 11am. Once the bugler had finished we all set off. It was a very fast start with everyone bunched up quite close together. I knew Andy would be waiting with the boys on Lytham Green for me to pass so I made my way carefully over to the right hand side of the path, ready to wave and be waved at! He spotted me just in time for a photo! 

I managed to keep up with the majority of runners until we got to Fairhaven Lake, near the halfway mark. Here, the runners seemed to spread out a bit more. I had a real boost though as the path looped back on itself for a tiny distance and I spotted two fellow Wind Cheetahs ahead of me. They gave me a wave and cheer and I didn't feel too far behind at that point. Once we'd gone round the lake, we headed back towards the Windmill via the prom. I really enjoy running by the sea, it's hard work and yet relaxing at the same time! 

I still don't know how I did it but I managed to get back to the Windmill at more or less the same pace I'd gone out at. The only mentally torturous bit of the race was running past and in full view of the finish line at the 9km marker, knowing I had to run .5k out then loop back again to the finish! But I did it. I was cheered in by Andy, the boys and the WWC and set myself a new 10k PB in the process.... 1.05.04... far better than I had ever expected! 

This was a very well organised event and the medal is probably the loveliest one in my collection. The marshals were friendly and encouraging. The only downside was that my finishers Wagon Wheel was snatched away and devoured by my sneaky, chocoholic sons before I could get my breath back! Must remember to hide it next time!  



  1. Lovely scenery. Well done on yoiur PB! If my kids got near my post-race chocolate, they would be in big trouble!!

    1. Thank you Liz! I had to console myself by buying a packet of wagon wheels the day after and eating one in peace!