Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Brampton to Carlisle 10 Mile

The boys and I dropped Andy off in Ulverston early Sunday morning so he could head up to the north of the county for the 63rd Brampton to Carlisle 10 mile road race. It was the longest distance that Andy had signed up for (since about 1989!) and he'd not had much chance to train so was a bit nervous. Seeing as this race was not an 'out and back' run, we thought we'd let Andy have a day to himself so he joined up with the Hoad Hill Harriers on the coach they had arranged.

The coach set off at 8am, and stopped for a short while at Tebay services on the way to the finish at Carlisle. Once at Carlisle it dropped off shoppers and the runners were able to drop bags off and secure them in lockers at the sports centre before heading back to the start at Brampton.

At 11.30am, over 600 runners headed off towards Carlisle. The weather was overcast and cool but not wet or windy which made for good running conditions. Andy said he felt quite good during the run. The run itself was fairly flat with a few little hills, one in particular seemed to go on for quite a bit toward the end (or at least seemed to in his head he said!).

He was hoping to finish in 1 hour and 40 minutes but in fact managed it in a fab 1.30.48! Really proud of him. Not sure the race memento was something people were expecting though, a 2015 running/cycling diary and 2 pairs of running socks!! Not quite something you can hang on a medal holder, but very handy nevertheless!

After the run, Andy joined fellow local runners at the local pub for a meal and drink before the coach brought them back to Ulverston.

Whilst Andy was headed up north, the boys and I certainly didn't slack. We joined the Wind Cheetahs for the 3 mile Sunday morning run cubs run from the Abbey Mill coffee shop. It was a lovely, mild morning for a run out (especially for November!). The boys even ended up in short sleeves! Think William started finding it a little cold eventually when having a double Thunder and Lightning ice cream cone back at the Abbey Mill!!    

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