Sunday, 1 November 2015

Glow in the Park - Heaton Park

We had a double whammy of a running weekend! We ran Glow in the Park on Friday night and then the Zombie Run on Saturday morning (will write about this in another post!).

I signed us up for Glow in the Park back in May as soon as entries had opened as I thought the boys would get a real kick out of this, especially Sam as he'd be in sensory heaven with seeing all the fantastic lights outdoors. We even booked a family room at the Premier Inn across the road from Heaton Park so we wouldn't have to drive back late at night.

It should have taken us 1.5 hours to get to Heaton Park but to our great dismay when we went to get onto the M6 the traffic was at a stand still! We made a quick decision to try moving further south on the A6 instead, which was also terrible and it took us almost 3 hours to get to the motorway at Lancaster. I was panicking a bit at this point as the run was due to start at 7.45/8pm and it was already nearing 6pm! Luckily for us the traffic was flowing again on the motorway and we arrived at the hotel just before 7pm. A very quick change and walk over into the park and we arrived in time to join the registration queue where we picked up our numbers and neon headbands!

I met up briefly with a lovely lady whom I've known on facebook for years but had never met face to face with! We're hoping we can meet up again at a slightly quieter run sometime! The music was playing, the lights were flashing and we headed out onto the course with our headtorches and glow sticks!

The first 'tunnel' we came to seemed to spit out a kind of greeny slime at you from the sides. A quick dash through that one! The next tunnel was filled with UV lights and we stopped for a photo here.

We jogged on for a bit after that until we reached a section where a fan was shooting out foam. We spent a minute or two here and then had to pull Sam away as I'm pretty sure he could have spent all day playing in the bubbles.

We went through a little section where fire was shooting up at the sides every few seconds then headed toward the last tunnel, lit up by colourful stripes!

The course was two laps so we got to go round it all again after that before heading to the finish. No medal for this run but we got our headbands as souvenirs and a little pack of granola at the finish. The boys absolutely loved Glow in the Park and I'm pretty sure would have done another lap given half the chance!

We headed back to our family room at the Premier Inn after that and tried to get two exciteable boys to sleep. It was an interesting night but everyone managed a bit of sleep at least which was good as we had our next run in the morning.  

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