Saturday, 27 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

You would think that the running would be taking a break over the festive period but we just haven't been able to stop!

First up we had the Ulverston Pudding Run back near the beginning of December. Then last weekend we took part in the Santa Dash parkrun at Barrow. It was fantastic to see everyone in their Santa costumes. I ran with Sam and Andy ran with William. Luckily, although quite breezy (particularly up by the cenotaph) it wasn't freezing and so the boys both managed to get round. I was really pleased Sam finished as he wasn't feeling his best and it was his 40th parkrun.

On Christmas Eve we headed to the Abbey Mill cafe for a Walney Wind Cheetah run and picnic party. This was the third attempt at a cubs get together as the weather for the previous two Sundays had not been outdoor party weather (think heavy rain and high winds!). The morning was breezy, but very bright and dry. About 12 cubs and their parents headed out on the path and back. Once we got back to the cafe, we took over the outdoor picnic tables and soon turned the event into a party! Plenty of treats for everyone, even Christmas crackers! William was thrilled that he got a yo-yo in his. We even got treated to some entertainment too, in the form of a hilarious 'bush tucker trial' organised by one of our run leaders. And of course, there was a visit by a rather Christmassy attired Charlie Cheetah which made Sam's day!

We headed back to the park the day after for the Christmas Day parkrun. William ran with his dad and I marshaled with Sam. It was Sam's first time marshaling and I wasn't sure how he'd manage waiting in one spot for the better part of an hour. He managed really well, only one small wobble towards the end and he was very glad to head back to the bandstand once we'd seen the last runners through (Andy and William of course!).


Hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas week! Unfortunately our parkrun today was (rightly) cancelled due to ice on the course. Hopefully we'll be back for the special New Years Day parkrun next week! 

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