Monday, 2 June 2014

Making Progress

Well, we're now into June so I thought I would do a quick round up of what we've been up to!

We're still attending the WWC Cubs programme, in fact we've just done our 19th session this evening! The group is now running for 18 minutes and although our boys can't quite manage to run the entire time they have been doing well. They were also rewarded this evening for having attended 18 sessions with a fantastic WWC cap!

The weather has been much better recently and it's so nice running and playing games in the sunshine!

The boys also got treated to an extra run this half term holiday as they joined the WWC for a morning and we had a brilliant run/walk along the path from the Abbey Mill Cafe to Flass Lane and back again. This was followed of course by cake and a drink at the cafe. Another great family event!

And of course parkrun is the highlight of our weekend still! William has done 21 and marshaled 4 times now and Sam is at number 19. And I am over halfway to my 50 shirt now!

William ran with our friends last Saturday so that Andy could run on his own and try for a PB. He smashed his old one by 2 minutes 11 seconds so is currently at 28.51. I think he's done brilliantly!

Running has become a major lifestyle change for us and it's really nice to be feeling fitter and healthier. Since starting running with the cubs group two evenings a week and parkrun every Saturday, Andy and I have lost about 8lbs each. It's definitely giving us motivation to keep going.

Next up for us is the Grasmere Gallop 5.7km fun run (plus picnic, naturally) on Saturday, can't wait!

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