Sunday, 5 July 2015

Walney Fun Run 2015

Last Sunday was the Walney Fun Run, our running group's event of the year, not to be missed! Last year both boys did the Disability Mile run with me and Andy ran the 10k. The picnic afterwards was unbelievable and we all had a thoroughly good time.

Imagine then our dismay last Sunday morning when we got up to heavy rain (blowing sideways!). Hopes were slightly dashed, but the forecast promised that the rain would leave at 10am in time for the Disability Mile to start. Sam was running it again this year with me for company.

We arrived at the registration/finishing field as set up was still going on. Andy signed up as a running marshal helping to keep an eye on the WWC cubs this year (including William) in the 5k event. As soon as William was given his running number by our run leader I took him over to the registration tent to collect his timing tag. Meanwhile, Charlie and Chicky Cheetah also made an appearance, much to Sam's delight.

10 o'clock came and went and the rain stayed unfortunately! The Disability Mile start got slightly changed due to a flood at the gate so Sam and I headed out on the road to start there instead. The rain was still coming down so he ran in his raincoat. The mayor of Barrow set us off and we headed up the road. Sam was right at the back for most of the road section, with me steering him round the huge puddles. We reached the turning point and headed towards the beach path. No sooner had I got him round an enormous puddle but he ran straight through two more! Kids!! At least he was running I suppose! We actually overtook some of the other runners and he didn't stop until we reached the finish. We turned into the finishing field and headed across it to the sound of the 5k and 10k runners cheering Sam on. As usual it was a wonderful feeling and Sam received his medal when we crossed the line and had a photo taken with the mayor.

We couldn't stop though, as I had to get back round to William and Andy as they had our bags and we had to get William ready for his 5k run. Running shoes on (brought him in wellies), number pinned, hoody discarded, pep talk from the run leaders and a warm up later, and he set out with the cubs to the starting point. The 10k runners went first followed by the 5k runners. I was waiting with Sam a little further down the road ready with the camera phone! Saw William and the other cubs head off up the road then we moved down to the finishing gate to wait for them to come back in. The weather improved eventually and it started to feel warm! 

Spotted William coming in and we gave him a cheer. He looked very determined and his running watch showed a definite sprint finish when we looked at his times later. I grabbed Sam and we dashed to the back of the finish to collect and congratulate him. We didn't find out till later but his official time was 37.36 which is fantastic! We also heard some lovely comments about how well he was running so I was a very proud mum. Andy came into the field with the last of the cubs and we headed over to get a hot dog for William who had been promised one by Andy.

After the run was finished, we all got our things together for the picnic. I didn't think it could get any bigger than last years, but oh my, as a group the WWC outdid themselves in the goody department. The picnic was enormous, the sun absolutely shone for us and all the kids ran around giddily playing with hula hoops. Perfect end to the day!

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