Monday, 2 March 2015

Port Sunlight 5k, 10k and 1k Fun Run

We were up before the crack of dawn yesterday to make our way down to Port Sunlight Village for the BTR Liverpool Port Sunlight 5k, 10k and 1k races. We made excellent time getting down there, a little too excellent in fact as we were there by 8.30am (and that was with getting lost once!). The sun was shining but it was a breezy and brisk walk to the centre of Port Sunlight where the action would start a bit later. We registered the boys for the children's 1k race at the school and then made our way to the t-shirt tent where we collected our tech t-shirts and goody bags!

The 5k was the first race, setting off at 10am. I headed to the start with my friend who was taking part in her first 5k race. I was frozen in the starting line, having decided on a short sleeve tee and vest combo  like a fool. Bitterly regretting my lack of sleeves, we set off...sort of. Took about 30 seconds to cross the start line and I could hear the beep signalling the timing chips activating. This was the first time I'd ever taken part in a chip-timed race. I tried to run as hard as I had done at parkrun the previous week, and was hoping I'd finish somewhere around the same time of 32 minutes or faster if possible. The sun was out and the village was lovely, lots of spectators clapping and cheering. I saw Andy, the boys and our friends part way round the course and gained some good advice from William who was screaming 'keep running mummy' over and over again.

 I knew I had finished in under 32 minutes which was what I had wanted, but was thrilled when I received the chip timed results via text message later in the day and found I had a new PB of 30.55! And a brilliant new medal for the collection.

We had a quick change over and recycling of safety pins from myself to Andy as he put his number on, then he headed to the start for 11am to run the 10k. We watched the 10k runners set off, and it seemed to take ages for Andy to come through, but then again there were over 1000 people taking part! We got ice creams for the children then walked a little ways to find a good spot to watch from.

 The 10k runners completed two loops of the 5k course. Andy was still looking quite fresh and smiley when at about 8km he threw over his sweaty gloves for us to hold for him. Sam was quite easy to please for this race as well, as there were plenty of runners to see and flap at in all directions. We couldn't get a decent spot to clap at the finish line due to the sheer number of spectators already lining the finishing funnel, but Andy managed to get across the line in a time of 53.26, a new 10k PB for him!

The children's 1k fun run was the last race of the day. Andy was running with Sam and William ran with my friend and her son, who he adores. I was on cheering and photo taking duties. There was a bit of a confusing false start and then a slight delay and cheer as the last of the 10k runners came through. Then they were off though. I have never seen so many children running so fast! It took no time at all for the first of the runners to come back to the finish. The boys got across the finish line then headed round to collect their medals and goody bags filled with sweet treats! Sam had a bit of a cuddle with the mascot there as well, he probably couldn't resist!

After the day's running, we headed to our friend's house for a delicious lunch before the long drive back up north. All in all, a very long but brilliant day out for all of us.

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